INGENIUM Hackathon

Students from 10 European universities brainstorm solutions for a more sustainable campus life at this online hackathon. Focus on issues like waste, mobility, and well-being. Don't miss this chance to make a difference.
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INGENIUM Europeon University

Calling all European students This 48-hour online hackathon throws into the heart of sustainability. Team up with peers from across 10 universities for a chance to:

Tackle real campus challenges: Waste management, biodiversity, eco-friendly transportation, and student well-being are all on the table.

Sharpen your SDG skills: Learn to be a champion for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Compete for a prestigious prize: The winning team gets invited to France to present their idea and participate in a sustainability event

Network with experts, develop critical thinking, and make a real difference. Apply now and choose sustainability focus area.


Trip to France & Award Ceremony: 

Celebrate at 10 Days of INGENIUM in France Make a lasting impact:  The winning team's solution will be integrated into the INGENIUM agenda, shaping a greener future for universities.

Participant Criteria

This hackathon is open to student (from 1st year to PhD) orfield of study. Encourage applications from students of all backgrounds and nationalities

Team Formation Process:

Apply Now & Choose Topic: Select the sustainability area that interests most during the application process.

Diverse Teams, Global Impact: Based on applications, teams will be formed after the deadline. Collaborate with 5-6 fellow students from across the INGENIUM alliance, fostering a multicultural learning experience.

Mentorship Matters: Each team will be guided by a dedicated mentor, a faculty member who will provide support and answer questions throughout the hackathon.

Get Ready to Connect: After selections are made,participate in a virtual kickoff meeting to meetteammates and mentor.


Innovate for Impact: Design Your SDG Future for a Sustainable Campus

This theme underscores the hackathon's emphasis on empowering students to actively create (Innovate) solutions (Impact) that will shape a more sustainable future for campuses (Design Your SDG Future).

The focus is on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), encouraging students to translate these global ambitions into practical solutions for university environment. Through this process, students become active participants in achieving a more sustainable world (SDG Future).

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17th-18th Apr 2024

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