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Blue Action Accelerator
The Blue Action Accelerator unites entrepreneurs, policymakers, and investors with the aim of financing and expediting technologies that address both mitigating and adapting to coastal climate change challenges
Organization Name
Blue Action Ventures and Founders Factory.
6 Months
Program Structure
  • Financial Support: Receive a $150k cash investment, with ongoing assistance investment team to meet capital requirements during and beyond the program.
  • Operational Guidance: Work closely with experienced industry professionals who provide personalized support across strategy, investment, product development, technology, marketing, and operations.
  • Real-World Testing Facilities: Gain access to state-of-the-art testing facilities and natural laboratory in Freeport, Grand Bahamas, facilitating practical testing to validate and refine solutions at scale.
  • Ecosystem Engagement: Join a thriving ecosystem comprising policymakers, climate innovators, government bodies, researchers, and investors, offering valuable insights, industry expertise, and opportunities for further funding.
Funding & Benifit
Program Charges
Equity Dilution
Investment Range
Program Criteria
  • Early-stage innovators: Startups in the pre-seed or seed stage with a well-defined concept for a product or service that tackles coastal climate challenges.
  • Tech-driven solutions: Businesses that leverage technology to address issues like rising sea levels, maintaining ocean health, or promoting sustainable practices in coastal regions.
  • High-impact teams: Passionate and experienced entrepreneurs with the capabilities to bring their solutions to life and make a significant positive impact.
Additional Details
Startup Accelerator
Program Type
Seed Stage
Startup Stage
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