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Sustainable solutions in public building and water sectors for communities of Ukraine.

Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (Nefco)
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May 17, 2024
March 12, 2024


Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (Nefco) is an international financial institution established by the five Nordic countries. It finances climate related and other environmental investments and projects primarily in in Eastern Europe. In 2017 Nefco’s geographical mandate was widened to a global one, with Eastern Europe still remaining as priority. 

The Green Recovery Programme for Ukraine (“Programme”) was approved by Nefco’s Board in June 2022. The aim of the Programme is to provide financial and technical support to recovery projects in order to build a much-needed bridge between humanitarian crisis management and long-term sustainable development. The programme will support green economy and transition in the recovery process. The purpose is to enhance and finance projects with the highest environmental ambitions focused on rebuilding infrastructure at the municipal level to ensure that Ukraine is built back greener and better. It is expected that selected municipalities will receive a grant funding from NEFCO within the Action related to Sustainable solutions in public building and water sectors for communities of Ukraine. The Action is split into two components with different infrastructure sectors: 

  • Component I: Energy Efficient (EE) improvements in Public buildings.
  • Component II: Sustainable solutions in Water projects. These Terms of Reference (ToR) define the objectives, tasks and qualification requirements for projects implementation support to both Components of the Action. 


  • Rules concerning nationality of consultants There are no limitations on the nationality of the firm or the subconsultants. 
  • Preparation and Submission of Proposals .
  • Consultants submitting proposals are expected to examine carefully and respect all instructions, forms, General Terms and Conditions, Terms of Reference and specifications contained in this Request for Proposals. Failure to submit a proposal containing all the required information and documentation within the deadline specified in the Letter of Invitation may result in rejection of the proposal. The standard forms in Sections 3 and 4 of this Request for Proposals shall be used as applicable. 
  • Consultants shall submit technical and financial proposals in separate emails marked "Technical Proposal" and "Financial Proposal", as appropriate. No financial data of any sort shall be included in the technical proposal. Only emails containing technical proposals shall be opened at the time of submission of proposals. The financial proposals will be kept unopened and in safe custody until the technical evaluation is completed. 
  • Technical Proposal (not exceeding 15 pages, excluding curricula vitae (CVs). CVs maximum 3 pages each). If documents are longer only the first 15 and 3 pages respectively will be considered. Font size minimum 11 for both Technical Proposal and CVs). Consultant's technical proposal shall demonstrate the firm's knowledge of the requirements of the assignment and its understanding of the requisite tasks set forth in the scope of work of the Terms of Reference. Information must be provided on the firm and any subconsulting firm associated with for the purpose of the assignment. Provision of the requested information, in full, must be presented as follows:  
  1. A brief description of the firm, an outline of the firm's recent experience of assignments of a similar nature and specifically the firm's previous work, especially in the project country. Information on the current workload of the firm in the relevant areas of this assignment shall also be presented. 
  2. Composition of the team which the firm proposes to provide in the field and in the home office, together with CV of each individual team member and the specific task(s) to which each team member would be assigned. The team leader and the key experts listed in the evaluation criteria table (section 3.6 of the Instructions to Consultants) shall be specifically identified. Members of the team shall have requisite experience outside their own country, preferably under conditions similar to those prevailing in the project country. A good working knowledge of English is essential for the staff. Proficiency in Ukrainian or Russian is an additional merit. If the firm proposes to have a member of the consultant's home office responsible for the supervision of the team in the field, similar details shall be given with the CV of that member. 
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