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Green Ports & Sustainable Finance Consultant

C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group Inc
United States
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May 17, 2024
February 16, 2024


About C40 Ports & Shipping Finance C40 City Finance Programme carries out support related to municipal finance. The team’s strategic focus is on strengthening city financial capacity, increasing the supply of climate finance and funding available to cities, facilitating engagement with finance providers, and building enabling environments that support urban climate investment. The City Finance Programme oversees and/or coordinates with special projects and initiatives within C40, including the C40 Ports & Shipping Programme, which is the focus of this job description. The C40 Ports & Shipping Programme brings together an ambitious community of action through public-private partnerships with cities, ports, and industry. By working collaboratively, cities and ports can support each other to enable the change needed to make a decarbonised future a reality. The Programme convenes the Green Ports Forum, a network for leading cities and ports to accelerate urgent and collaborative climate action aligned with the 1.5C pathway. Project Background As part of its ‘capacity building’ and technical assistance activities, C40 Ports & Shipping Programme is establishing a Sustainable Finance Academy, aimed at supporting port authorities and port cities in the pursuit of green funding and financing for their climate action projects.


Scope of Work

As part of this Fixed Scope of Work, C40 envisions the following activities. These activities are provided on an indicative basis only, and the Potential Suppliers are encouraged to put forward any alternative approach that they would deem more appropriate / efficient:

  • Upstream data gathering on port SLLs 
  1. Support C40 in gaining a better understanding of the current landscape for port SLLs 
  2. Identify and gather information on relevant precedents
  3. Develop a methodological framework to maximize the collection of relevant information 
  4. Identify the right ‘mix’ of participants from different categories (whether port authorities, financing parties, other stakeholders) 

  • Information memorandum drafting
  1. Support C40 in preparing a document outlining the context, objectives, and expected involvement of participants

  • Outreach to participants 
  1. Support C40’s outreach to these potential participants 
  2. Facilitate the relationship with these participants

  • Working group management & coordination 
  1.  Support C40 in managing and coordinating working groups for the areas of work outlined in the above table (see previous page)
  2. Facilitate calls and meetings 

  • Deliverable drafting 
  1. Provide support in consolidating and organizing the insights and information gathered as part of the working groups. 
  2. Provide support in drafting the deliverables outlined in the ‘Desired Outcomes and Deliverables’ table, 


i. Toolkit of best practices to select, structure and calibrate meaningful & ambitions KPIs, including Scope 3 emissions reduction initiatives 

ii. Standard term sheet of port SLL terms & conditions, supported by major financiers, ECAs and multilaterals 

iii. Toolkit of best practices to:

  1. provide regular, transparent and lender-oriented SLL KPI  reporting
  2. manage the independent and external verification processes
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