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United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
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June 14, 2024
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GENEVA, United Nations
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The position is in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The Internship Programme is unpaid and full-time, i.e., an intern is expected to work five days per week (40 hours). The internship is offered on an in-person or remote basis. The position is located in Geneva, Switzerland, in the Trade, Poverty and Inequalities Branch (TPIB) of the Division for Africa, Least Developed Countries and Special Programmes (ALDC). The internship will tentatively start on 24 June 2024 for an initial period of three months. For in-person internships, interns must have a valid visa. All costs of travel, accommodation, medical insurance and living expenses must be covered by the intern. To work remotely the applicant shall have full access to a computer with a modern browser in which to run the latest version of Office 365 applications that will allow him/her to perform the tasks within the scope of the internship. The computer must have basic IT security best practices implemented. At a minimum, the applicant should have: • Installed on his/her computer the latest version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, software and security updates as soon as they are issued. • Enabled the built-in software firewall that comes with the operating software of the computer. • Enabled the password manager for the creation of strong passwords and to secure access to all UNCTAD/UN-related resources.


Training and mentoring will be provided all along the internship. Carrying out his/her tasks under the guidance of the Economic Affairs Officer, and overall guidance of the Head of TPIB, the intern will provide assistance to Economists performing the following functions: - assist in undertaking qualitative and quantitative research on poverty, inequality and trade; - Assist in identifying and documenting policies for combatting inequality directly or indirectly, undertake policy analysis and distill commonalities; - Assist in identifying, analyzing, and compiling relevant data from various national and international sources; - Attend meetings, events and conferences, and provide summaries of discussions. More generally,
interns shall:

  1. Observe all applicable rules, regulations, instructions, procedures and directives of the Organization notwithstanding their status as described in section 4 of the UN Internship Programme Administrative Instructions ST/AI/2000/9 & ST/AI/2005/11.
  2. Provide the receiving departments/offices with a copy of all materials prepared by them during the internship. The UN shall be entitled to all property rights, including but not limited to patents, copyrights and trademarks, with regard to material which bears a direct relation to or is made in consequence of, the services provided under the internship. At the request of the UN, the interns shall assist in securing such property rights and transferring them to the UN in compliance with the requirements of the applicable law.
  3. Respect the impartiality and independence required of the UN and of the receiving department/office and shall not seek or accept instructions regarding the services performed under the internship agreement from any Government or from any authority external to the UN.
  4. Unless otherwise authorized by the appropriate official in the receiving department/office, they may not communicate at any time to the media or to any institution, person, Government or any other external source any information which has become known to them by reason of their association with the UN or the receiving department/office, that they know or ought to have known has not been made public. They may not use any such information without the written authorization of the appropriate official, and such information may never be used for personal gain. These obligations also apply after the end of the internship with the UN.
  5. Refrain from any conduct that would adversely reflect on the UN or on the receiving department/office and will not engage in any activity which is incompatible with the aims and objectives of the UN. There should be no expectation of employment within the UN after an internship. Interns shall not be eligible to apply for, or be appointed to, positions at the professional level and above carrying international recruitment status in the Secretariat for a period of six months following the end of their internship.
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Fluency written and spoken in English is required for this internship. Knowledge of French is desirable.

Company Info
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UN Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is an intergovernmental organization within the United Nations Secretariat that promotes the interests of developing countries in world trade.[1] It was established in 1964 by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) as the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development but rebranded to its current name on the occasion of its 60th anniversary in 2024.[2] It reports to both the General Assembly and the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).[3] UNCTAD is composed of 195 member states and works with non-governmental organizations worldwide;[4] its permanent secretariat is at UNOG in Geneva, Switzerland. The primary objective of UNCTAD is to formulate policies relating to all aspects of development, including trade, aid, transport, finance and technology. It was created in response to concerns among developing countries that existing international institutions like GATT (since replaced by the World Trade Organization), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank were not properly organized to handle the particular problems of developing countries; UNCTAD would provide a forum where developing nations could discuss and address problems relating to their economic development.
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